It’s really easy to get wind of a big tree, and Rolex is most famous for its high rate of imitation in Swiss watches, which is certainly related to the brand’s high popularity. A new watch cannot be disassembled at will, can it?

Not long ago, a consumer in Hangzhou fell for this, spending more than 40,000 yuan to buy a Rolex from elsewhere, only to find out it was a fake watch after wearing it for a long time. Not only was he cheated out of his money, but he also lost face. But Rolex is not always in a passive position, in order to stop counterfeit imitation watches, the brand has actually offered some unique anti-counterfeiting design, if you do not want to step on the mine to buy a fake watch, Zou Sanshan summary of the following Rolex real watch features can be well remembered.

The majority of Rolex watches are engraved with “ROLEX, ROLEX” on the face of the dial and the case and a small crown mark on the “anti-counterfeiting inner ring”, which is the first hurdle for Rolex to prevent counterfeiting. For the counterfeiters, this requires more work and cost,uk replica watches as it is the point at which counterfeit watches reveal themselves, whether due to cost or craftsmanship. This is why some counterfeit watches either omit the engraving on the inner ring or are simply printed.

Newer Rolex watches are engraved with a running number on the 6 o’clock security inner ring, making them more difficult to produce and eliminating counterfeits. In addition to the inner ring, many Rolex models also have a second barrier to security – a laser engraving of the brand’s anti-counterfeiting crown symbol at 6 o’clock on the sapphire crystal, which is usually not easy to spot with the naked eye alone. With the miniature logo, which is about 1mm long, you can see that it is no longer easy to imitate a genuine Rolex watch, but also reinforces the product’s character.

The sapphire crystal is etched with the crown logo at six o’clock. This logo requires a magnifying glass to be seen, and if the S symbol appears, it means that the crystal has been replaced. The genuine Rolex crystal logo is made up of 152 spaced dots, the match head part is 7 dots and the open circle is 14 dots. It should be noted, however, that the etching of the crown logo on the crystal only began in 2002 and does not apply to previous models.

It has also been said that as such a prestigious and premium brand watch, there must be an individually coded serial number on each watch, which will also be consistent with the guarantee card. However, as a general rule, watches are less likely to have serial numbers engraved on their exterior,uk replica rolex making it difficult for consumers to confirm that the number on the heart is the same as the number on the warranty card. Some workshops that produce counterfeit watches can also falsify their warranty cards.

For Rolex to identify the authenticity of the method Zou Sanshan found that there are actually quite a few, such as counterfeit Rolex watches on the dial to see whether the size of the scale is uniform, whether the location is neat, the calendar frame and the dial can be aligned and so on these points can also refer to screen some low-level fake watches.

1, the general fake Rolex strap workmanship is relatively rough, especially between the gold is more obvious, there will be between the gold plating edge is not handled well.

2, genuine inter-gold straps in the case of bending can be seen in the cross-section is thicker, the thickness is not uniform, while the thickness of the fake is the same.

3, authentic inter-gold strap middle gold part and the peripheral steel part is parallel, feel smooth, while the fake watch gold part than the peripheral steel part to slightly lower touch will feel a sense of bright transition.

The majority of counterfeit Rolex watches are not engraved in the buckle position. 5, look at the dial, strap engraving is uniform and delicate.

Like the green water ghost (16610LV model) and the Dittona series type of watches, waterproof sealing rubber ring up to 3 times, the increase of that one in the watch case on the outside of the stem head tube, pull out the handle can also be seen. On the head of the handle of a Rolex watch, there are a number of markings that appear just below the Rolex crown GOLO, indicated by dots or short horizontal lines, with one dot, two dots and three dots, which represent the material of the watch case and also the structure of the case and handle.

  1. One dot indicates that the watch is in a PT950 platinum case, a precious metal with a high specific gravity, which makes the watch more compressive in the hand.
  2. Two dots represent a watch with an 18-carat white gold or yellow gold case;

The short horizontal line is like a “wildcard”, representing a watch with a double waterproof case and a handle made of 18-carat gold, 18-carat gold + stainless steel or pure stainless steel.

  1. The three originals can also be interpreted as triple waterproof, and watches with this type of handle have a waterproof seal visible on the outside of the stem head tube. If the watch case is made of platinum, the middle of the three points of origin will be smaller (see photo 6); if the watch case is made of 18-carat white gold, the two sides of the three points of origin will be smaller (see photo 5). When the three points of origin are generally large (see photo 4), the situation is equivalent to that of a watch with a short horizontal line, usually in 18-carat gold, 18-carat gold + stainless steel or pure stainless steel.

The above identification methods are only useful for imitation watches with a greater degree of forgery, and some of the high quality imitation watches that have recently come out on the market require senior experts with years of experience in the field to screen them.

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