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Mini Ballast Tamper
Product Code: RST 0210 Double
Certificate of Acceptance: Under Assessment
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Mini Ballast Tamper

RST 0210 Double Tamper
Front view

RST 0210 Double Tamper
Rear view showing hydraulic connections

The RST 0210 Mini Tamper System is designed to provide mechanical ballast tamping in small areas e.g. soft spot sleeper replacement. The double tamper has eight tamping tines which provide balanced tamping under both rails and both sides of the sleeper all at the same time. The tamping is coupled with on-board vibration to give excellent ballast compaction.

The system is substantially less expensive than using a plainline tamper during spot sleeper replacement work and is a significantly safer method of compacting ballast than by manual labour. It also allows for greater use of existing road-railer plant.

The tamper gives much better compaction than is achieved by hand held impact hammers and can reduce the number of plainline tamper visits required to achieve final ballast compaction.

Use of the hydraulic mini-tamper mounted on a road-railer will allow more sleepers to be replaced and tamped in a single shift thereby allowing shorter possession times or greater output per shift.

Technical Data

Operating Pressures
• Vibration: 190 Bar
• Tamping: 110 Bar
Double Tamper Weight: 890kg

Overall Length: 2200mm
Width: 400mm
Height: 1500mm
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