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TME Sleeper Spacing Beam
Product Code: TME610
Certificate of Acceptance: EL/14262/02/03

Supporting British Industry

The TME Sleeper Lifting and Spacing Beam has been designed to lift all types of concrete sleeper on the UK market. The Beam is designed to hydraulically adjust the sleeper spacing before placing onto the track bed. It is adjustable to all current concrete sleeper lengths. It can be fitted to any excavator, road rail loader or crane.

The standard beam lifts and spaces 4 concrete sleepers but can be built to handle other quantities.

TME610 Sleeper Spacing Beam

Technical Data (4 Sleeper Version)

Working Load 1,500kg (lifting 4 sleepers)
Operating Pressure 150 Bar Maximum
Sleeper Spacings from 500 to 800mm
Unladen Weight 850kg

Width 3.0m maximum
Length 3.5m maximum
Height 1.1m with rotator
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